Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday, September 19, 2009

2009 Little Miss Calamity Jane

Miss Calamity Jane Felisha Bertrand with
Little Miss Calamity Jane Gracie Ann

Miss Calamity Jane 2009!

Miss Calamity Jane and Daddy in the parade!

Little Mr. Wild Bill and Little Miss Calamity Jane!

Little Mr. Wild Bill and Little Miss Calamity Jane

First Place Winners in the 2009 Calamity Jane Days Baby Show

First Place Winners!!!! Sari and Kali

Sari and Kali: Kali was also named Best Personality!

Sari and Kali: Sari was also named Best Smile

Is the parade staring yet? Kali and Sari

Can we ride in the parade Dad? Sari and Kali

Sari and Kali's 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday to us! Kali and Sari

Birthday Princesses! Sari and Kali

Mmmmmmm good cake! Who needs a fork? Kali

It's our Birthday! Sari and Kali

Let's eat with our feet! Sari

Gracie Ann's 3rd Birthday

Best Buds! Gracie and Natalie

My cake!

Princess Gracie and her gifts.

I'm 3! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 VBS

Vacation Bible School was awesome this year! We all had a great time! Here is just a short glimpse at how much fun Gracie had.

Best Friends Forever!

Sisters for Life!! Sari, Gracie, Kali

Let's just relax! Sari, Gracie, Kali

Best friends! Sari and Kali

I love you too sis! Sari and Kali

Love ya! Kali and Sari